One day I was standing in Swansea town centre, opposite the ruins of Swansea Castle, and I wondered what the castle and the town were like in the castle's heyday. I searched the internet and went to the library, and found a remarkable story that captured my imagination.

Swansea Castle

Three years later, and lots more research and writing, there was the book, published in April 2012. This page is the story of that journey, that story, and that book. This is the only book about the life of Alina de Breos (also known as de Braose) and the part that Swansea and Gower played in the toppling of Edward II from the throne.

Alina's husband John de Mowbray took control of the Lordship of Gower in 1320, in an attempt to secure her inheritance. But her father had sold it to the king's favourite, and the king took it back. The Marcher Barons sided with de Mowbray and rebelled against the king. It eventually led to the king's downfall, but Alina and John paid a heavy price.
Alina later lived at Oystermouth Castle where she built the chapel. Her first son, John de Mowbray inherited Gower as well as his father's estates in Lincolnshire and married Joan Plantagenet, Henry of Lancaster's daughter. Alina's ghost has been seen in the castle, and is known as the white lady.

The book is illustrated with beautiful line drawings by talented artist Carrie Francis.

Ghost final

In recent years Oystermouth Castle has been refurbished, especially the chapel, with a glass bridge so that people can get up to the chapel level without obscuring the view from the ground.

Refurbished chapel at Oystermouth Castle

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