Thursday, 25 June 2020

History Illustrations: Alina’s Wedding

My medieval history books are illustrated with beautiful line drawings by a very talented artist, Carrie Francis. I thought it would be good to do a series to show them to you and tell the part of the story they illustrate.

William de Braose, the Lord of Gower, was given the wardship of John de Mowbray. John's father, the 1st Baron de Mowbray of Lincolnshire, died before his son reached his majority (age 21). So William was entrusted with bringing him up and teaching him to be a knight and a lord.

Tuesday, 9 June 2020

Research: Collecting Asteroids

According to A Brief History of the Future in 2343 work began on collecting asteroids for water ice:
Ideas had been proposed as far back as the 20th century about using lasers to melt portions of asteroids and focusing the gas to drive them through space. Therefore experimental laser tugs were sent to the Asteroid Belt to bring water ice back to the Moon. The only modification that was made to the three-hundred-year-old design was that a funnel was used to direct the outgoing gases. This meant that the lump could be directed more accurately to its destination without causing too much mass loss.
To my surprise, when I researched this topic I found very little on the internet about collecting asteroids made of water ice. I found an article on Popular Mechanic about why it matters that there's so much water in the asteroid belt, but not actually about harvesting asteroids. It seems a lot of the water isn't in frozen form, but embedded in minerals within the rock.