Saturday, 29 February 2020

Dolbadarn Castle and the artist William Turner

An interesting article appeared today on the North Wales News site about Dolbadarn Castle in North Wales. You can read it in full here I have written a lot about castles, particularly in south Wales and Gower, but this castle was the first Welsh castle to be built in stone, guarding the Llanberis Pass.
Dolbadarn Castle and Lynn Padarn (North Wales Live)

Saturday, 8 February 2020

Research: Living Longer

A Brief History of the Future  makes the following speculation:
In 2224 the continued research into animal symbionts discovered a bat hosted species which doubled the life span of the bats. Initial scepticism was overcome when the symbiont was tested and proven to have the effect in short-living species such as mice and rats.
My research into this led to increasingly complex scientific papers, which were not very useful to me, but it showed that symbiosis is critical thing for some animals, plants and bacteria today.
A section of a root nodule cell showing symbiosomes enclosing bacteroids