Tuesday, 7 November 2017

The History of Wales

Now Medieval Gower Stories is published, I need to start giving my history fans some juicy bits to get your teeth into. While I’m casting around, I thought you’d like to remember the big series I did on Welsh history.
Hywel_Dda_at_Cardiff_City_Hall (w)
There was an item on the Welsh News one evening about Welsh children not learning Welsh history, so I decided to redress the balance for all of us who don’t know Welsh history. It’s just highlights, but it will give you quite a lot of reading. Here is the list of blog posts in order:

The Welsh – The Original Britons
The Power of the Druids 
The Celtic Saints 
The Good Lawmaker 
What's in a Name? 
The Ogre of Abergavenny 
The Sitting 
The Welsh Kingdom of Dehaubarth
Llywelyn the Great part 2, the Scandalous Affair 
The Last Prince of Wales 
Gwenllian, Llywelyn's Daughter 
The Conquering of the Welsh 
Wales is Full of Castles 
The Sleeping Prince 
Laws Against the Welsh
The Welsh Bible 
Mary Jones' Bible 
Jemima & the French Invasion 
The Daughters of Rebecca 
Industrial Explosion
Rape of the Fair Country
Sir William Lower and Astronomy
The Welsh Not
Wales in the First World War
Wales and the Second World War
The National Assembly of Wales

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