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How To Run a Book Launch

If you are producing a printed book, which is easy enough with print on demand like Create Space, you can have a book launch. It would be difficult to launch a book without a hard copy, but you might find somewhere with wifi and persuade people to bring their ereaders.

On the subject of where you will hold your launch, as you can see below, a bookshop is favourite. This is actually a charity bookshop that likes to support local artists, but any bookshop, especially independents, likes a book launch because the people attending will also browse the shelves. Another place to try is your local library.
How to Run a Book Launch
A book launch has two phases: publicity and performance. It’s no good arranging a book launch if nobody comes, and your event will not be very successful unless the audience are entertained and encouraged to buy.


You need to pull in as many favours as possible. Your friends and family may buy your book anyway, because they love you, but if they come to the launch and buy, it makes for a bigger audience and a better buzz on the night.
Book Launch PosterFor my last physical book launch I designed some A5 flyers and a poster and printed them at home. Then I put them up everywhere I could (do ask permission first) and handed them out to people at every opportunity. Make sure there’s a good display of your posters at the venue itself.

If you can think of any groups or organisations that are relevant, let them know too. Because I write history, I contacted local history groups, local museums, and the local branch of the Historical Association. I started giving history talks, so I contacted the groups I have spoken to, and asked them to spread the word to their members.

Then there is the press. My contacts with the press have been more by luck than judgement, but you can find out how to write a properly laid out press release. Local papers, magazines, radio stations, anywhere you can think of.


I wrote last week about giving talks. What are you going to do at your book launch? You can’t just stand up and say, “Buy my book!” Public speaking is not so difficult, if you remember how excited you are about your book.
Prepare a script for what you want to say, but try not to read it all. Try to look up and share from your heart.  Find a couple of good passages to read – the opening is a favourite. Talk about why you wrote the book, what inspired you. Introduce some of your characters, even give a summary of the plot – though you might not want to give away the ending. Because some of my books are history, I can tell the story, but add in little interesting tidbits I have found in my research.

If you can find anyone else to speak – I had my illustrator speak in the past and sell prints of her illustrations – that will add to the programme. Then take questions. Tell them why they should buy the book. Make sure you have refreshments, nothing elaborate, and then leave them to eat, drink and buy!

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