Monday, 4 January 2016

Laws Against the Welsh (Welsh History)

In March 1401, in response to vociferous protests against the Welsh in Parliament, the king passed harsh new laws.

  • It was illegal for any Englishman to be prosecuted in Wales by a Welshman. An Englishman had to be found to conduct the hearing.
  • Bards were forbidden to sustain themselves by minstrelsy.
  • Welshmen were forbidden to hold any meetings without having a representative of the crown present.
  • No Welshman unless he were a bishop or temporal lord, could possess a castle or defend his house.
  • No Welshman was allowed to hold a responsible post.
  • No Englishman, if he were married to a Welsh woman, was allowed to hold a responsible post in Wales or the Marches.
  • Welshmen were not allowed to carry arms without a special licence.
  • No food or armour was to be sent into Wales and an English official was appointed to stop supplies.
  • All garrisons and walled towns were to be manned by Englishmen.
[Taken from Highlights of Welsh History by Phil Carradice]

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