Monday, 21 December 2015

Wales is Full of Castles (Welsh History)

In my series on Welsh history, we have reached Edward I, the king who conquered Wales. To make sure the Welsh stayed conquered, he built castles, many of which remain today, in various states of grandeur. So I thought it would be a good place to refer you back to some of my posts on castles.

Castle-building in Wales by King Edward I 

Why visit a castle?

How to visit a castle

Swansea Castle past & present

Inside #Swansea Castle - organised tour, with photos!

Loughor Castle 

Penrice Castle

Oystermouth Castle

Weobley Castle, Visit to Weobley 

Oxwich Castle

Pennard Castle

Kidwelly Castle Outing

King John's Castle at Limerick, Ireland

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