Monday, 10 August 2015

Thank You Letters

Back in March I wrote about giving a talk on Alina to a class in Oystermouth Primary School.
2015-07-14 22.06.27
The teacher contacted me later to say how much the children enjoyed it, and that they had written ‘thank you’ letters and drawn pictures. There have been some hiccups getting hold of them , but I finally picked them up on the last week of term.

As you may imagine, they are delightful. Here is just a taster:

They went to visit the castle after my talk and it rained. I thought they might call it off, but the children really wanted to go. As you can see from this letter, they got soaked!
2015-07-14 22.12.19

This one is showing off their vocabulary, and the next one tells me I’m really intelligent!
2015-07-14 22.12.56
2015-07-14 22.14.14

I didn’t do a perfect job though, as some children got a bit confused:
2015-07-14 22.16.37

And one child on the visit was not impressed by the castle living conditions:
2015-07-14 22.13.34
Some of the children’s pictures next week.

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