Saturday, 30 May 2015

Meet Roy Stubbs, Assistant Engineer on the Kestrel

Roy Stubbs joined PACT to escape from the poverty in which he grew up on an Earth colony planet. He reminds me of a young Nicholas Lyndhurst.
Actor Nicholas Lyndhurst

His mechanical skills were put to good use, and he trained as an engineer. He is slim and rough-looking, but he has a good heart. He has been working on the Kestrel with Blackwell for two years, and looks on him as a father-figure. Blackwell took him under his wing and helped him to learn some of the social graces that he lacked.

He has proved himself to be a very useful member of the crew, often helping in little ways unbidden. He is not afraid of hard work, but is nervous of responsibility. His tough upbringing had left him with little self esteem, though he blossoms when praised by Blackwell. Blackwell was sure that in time, he would make a good career for himself and be a credit to the service.

The one crew member he does not get on with is Andrew Chambers. When Chambers joined the crew, he came from a traumatic accident. Captain Darrow hoped he could rebuild his confidence. Stubbs found out and declared he didn't feel safe with Chambers at the helm, and asked for a transfer, which was refused.

Stubbs is also tested when the Kestrel is forced to carry six extra passengers, all from different alien races. The overcrowding and clash of cultures is a severe trial for him. 

A trial in a different way is the presence of Tabitha Enns the trainee. She is nearer his age than the other crew members, and the only female. He fancies her, but his skills in that area have little finesse. Enns is not used to attention from boys either, and has an awkward time working out how to handle his advances.

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