Saturday, 11 April 2015

Meet Daniel Hoy, Second Officer on the Kestrel

Hoy (young Jackie Chan)
Daniel Hoy is a human, from Earth. He is of Asian descent, with a small lithe stature, and short cropped black hair. His family are Japanese, but moved to England when he was twelve. Despite the move, he was brought up with traditional Japanese values of honour and loyalty. Working for PACT was all he ever wanted to do. It was a family tradition. His father served on the Fast Response ship the Harrier.

He nearly didn't make it through training, as he discovered he's a little claustrophobic. When he put on a space suit, he felt so trapped, he thought he would suffocate. Then he concentrated on the view of all that space, and he got through it. He is not pleased when Kestrel is called to assist at a mining accident and he has to babysit the trainee - underground!

His parents are still at home, and he will have an arranged marriage to a woman from a traditional family, so she will expect to stay at home and just wait for when he comes home on leave. But will his experiences broaden his outlook and make him rebel against his tradition?

He studies martial arts because of his heritage, and when he fights he confuses opponents who are not used to his style of fighting. But he can be hotheaded and reckless, and has some maturing to do. When we first meet him he has been with Captain Darrow for three years and was only made up to Second Officer six months before.

When the Kestrel takes on six representatives from the allied races, he has to share a cabin with the most obnoxious of them. How will his temper hold out? At the end of Intruders, he has to take command in a crisis, how will he cope?

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