Monday, 9 March 2015

The Magna Carta Story

A later copy of Magna Carta
My new history book is finished!

This one is not really a story from medieval Gower, but I will be including it in the series, since it came out of my Broken Reed book. I've been talking about it ever since last July, when I first got the idea and pitched it to a publisher – who promptly closed down!

But I was convinced it was a good idea, so I went ahead anyway. I introduced it in October as MagnaCarta Demystified but wasn't happy with the title. I wanted to indicate that it was a popular history, told as a story, but with all the facts correct, like my other books.

It is now called The Magna Carta Story and the blurb calls it 'a layman's guide'. Here you will find the background and the intrigue and the bad behaviour. You will also find a chapter explaining what Magna Carta actually said, with a translation in the Appendix if you really want the actual words.

I've published a couple of extracts. The Introduction was a blog post called Magna CartaDebunked, and part of the chapter on what it actually says was a post called Magna Carta for Free Men.

The text is finished, and the illustrations are found. I'm having it read by a few people to check it for readability and clarity, and then I'll be publishing it. I'm going to have the cover design the same as my other two books, so I have a lovely drawing done by Carrie Francis for the last book which I'll be using. Next week I will be seeing the printer who put my last cover together.

So – watch this space!!

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