Sunday, 29 March 2015

Meet Tabitha Enns, Trainee on the Kestrel

Today I'm continuing my series introducing the main characters from my science fiction series Flight of the Kestrel.

Tabitha Enns is a young woman from the first Earth colony, Alpha. The gravity there is twice that of Earth, so the first colonists had to wear powered exo-skeletons, but over the generations their bodies have adapted by becoming short and stocky. This means they are fast and strong in Earth-normal gravity. Over the years the colony has become insular, having little to do with other humans or alien races.

Tabitha always wanted to see the rest of the galaxy, but it took a long time to persuade her father to let her apply to PACT. Her mother never agreed. She joined the PACT Training School on Alpha and her enthusiasm quickly took her to the top of the class. She was about to transfer to the main training facility on Earth to do her last year of advanced training, when the Kestrel arrived at Alpha looking for a top student as an emergency replacement crewman.

Before she knew it, she was on board, excited but scared stiff she would do something wrong. She was initially appalled at having to share a cabin with a man, but Andrew Chambers took her under his wing. Apart from an initial bout of space sickness caused by lack of training to acclimatise her to the lighter gravity, she settled in very well and proved to be a useful addition to the crew.

Through her, we get to know the various characters in the book, especially the alien representatives who join the mission. To keep them busy, they are asked to teach her about their race and culture, and pass on their area of expertise.

All is not plain sailing, however, since Roy Stubbs, the assistant engineer, takes a shine to her. His advances are not welcome, but she doesn't know how to discourage him without being rude. She wishes she had been allowed to have boyfriends so she had some experience of how to handle men.

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