Tuesday, 16 December 2014

This Blog is Expanding!

Today I have some exciting news! Over the coming months this blog will be expanding to cover the other part of my writing: science fiction.

Don't be alarmed, the fun and fascinating facts about history will still be here, and all the news about my local history books as well as my new project on Magna Carta.

Those who have followed me for a while will know that I run two blogs. This one is my official author blog, and the other one, Ann Marie Thinking Out Loud, is my personal blog. So far, my only claim to authorship is my two local history books, stories from medieval Gower. All my other writing has been talked about on my personal blog.

For many years I have been writing a science fiction series called Flight of the Kestrel. The first book is called Intruders, the second and third books are only in rough draft form, waiting to be worked on. Well, I have just sent Intruders to a professional editor, who will work on it during January. So I am preparing to publish it.

For that reason, this blog needs to cater for future readers of that book too.

I will also be launching a mailing list, where you can subscribe as a reader of my books. There will be options for my history readers and my science fiction readers, so you won't get information you aren't interested in.

So - watch this space!

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