Monday, 30 June 2014

Dinefwr Literature Festival: Bookshop Leads

At the recent Dinefwr Literature Festival they had a bookshop set up in the house, run by a local bookshop, as well as the regular on-site bookshop run by the National Trust. We went to have a look round and I spotted some local history books.

I am never one to miss an opportunity, though I am scared to approach people. I carry one of each of my books with me always, as well as some promotional literature. I approached a man working in the bookshop and asked him if they would be interested in carrying my books. I showed him the books and gave him a leaflet. I didn't expect his answer!

He offered to take my two books and put them on sale there and then for the rest of the festival weekend! I wished I had taken some more copies. He also gave me the bookshop details and invited me to contact them.

Then he gave me directions to the on-site bookshop so I could approach them too. The lady at the on-site shop gave me the contact details for someone in the National Trust.

By the end of the festival the two books hadn't sold, but I was grateful for the opportunity, and the lesson that it never hurts to ask. People are usually very nice and helpful. It encouraged me to have more courage in future.

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