Thursday, 22 May 2014

Organising or Distractions?

I realised with a start this evening that it is two weeks since I created this blog and moved all my history, Swansea and Gower, and book writing posts.

What have I been doing, that I haven't posted since then?

  • Well, I still have my personal blog, where I post on Writing Wednesday and Thinking Thursday.
  • The posts I brought here did not import cleanly and I have had to go through 125 posts and sort out the formatting [done].
  • I'm trying to get ahead of things by preparing blog posts for both blogs in advance.
  • I'm still editing my science fiction novel.
  • And I do have a life outside of the online world.
So am I getting organised or are these distractions?

I suppose it depends on your priorities. What are my priorities?

Now that's a whole other discussion...

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