Thursday, 22 May 2014

Organising or Distractions?

I realised with a start this evening that it is two weeks since I created this blog and moved all my history, Swansea and Gower, and book writing posts.

What have I been doing, that I haven't posted since then?

  • Well, I still have my personal blog, where I post on Writing Wednesday and Thinking Thursday.
  • The posts I brought here did not import cleanly and I have had to go through 125 posts and sort out the formatting [done].
  • I'm trying to get ahead of things by preparing blog posts for both blogs in advance.
  • I'm still editing my science fiction novel.
  • And I do have a life outside of the online world.
So am I getting organised or are these distractions?

I suppose it depends on your priorities. What are my priorities?

Now that's a whole other discussion...

Thursday, 8 May 2014

Welcome to my Author Blog

Hello, and welcome to the blog of author Ann Marie Thomas. 

Judging by the archives, this blog looks as though it's been around for a while, but it actually went live two days ago - 6th May 2014. I've been trying to make my personal blog serve two purposes and realised it's not working. So this blog was created and I moved all blog posts about my books from my old blog to this one.

If you choose to dig into the archives, please be patient. The posts haven't all translated properly, and the internal links still point to my other blog. I'm working backwards through the posts tidying them up.

If you want to know me better and are interested in my faith or my other writing - science fiction and poetry mostly - it would be great to see you at Ann Marie Thinking Out Loud.

Meanwhile, here you will find news of the writing, publishing and promotion of my books Alina, The White Lady of Oystermouth and Broken Reed: The Lords of Gower and King John. I have widened the interest to look at Swansea and Gower, past and present. So I share news of what's going on in the area today and look at some of the beautiful scenery.

I hope you'll visit often. Maybe when I get my mailing list up, you'll sign up too.