Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Don't Die of a Surfeit

King Henry I famously died of a surfeit of lamphreys, and the humourous history book 1066 and All That took up the theme and had several people die 'of a surfeit' just because it was a curious phrase.

As I prepare my plan for publishing and marketing my new book, lately I have realised that I'm in danger of 'dying of a surfeit' - a surfeit of good advice and opportunities. It's easy, as you browse the internet, to come across web sites and blogs with good advice or opportunities about writing, publishing, self-promotion, marketing etc. I used to bookmark them for later use.

Recently I came to realise there's so much out there on almost any subject, you can't read it all. As a beginner, I used to be worried I'd miss the best advice or the best opportunity. But I've finally had to bite the bullet and start deleting things. I had so many bookmarks I was never going to use them. I'm registered on so many sites it would take all my time to keep them updated, I'd never get any writing done.

So I'm taking the time to check a few out, sometimes with just a cursory glance, and if they're not instantly attractive, if they don't say anything new, if I don't find anything especially useful, it goes. I need to be able to see the wood for the trees. [It's a good job this isn't a novel with all those cliches!]

So take my advice, and cut down your bookmarks to manageable levels - and then use those sites to your advantage.

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