Wednesday, 6 February 2013

First Draft Done

I've been talking on recent posts about the work on the first draft of my new local history book about the Lords of Gower and King John. It's like putting a jigsaw together from all the pieces of research.

Well, I finished last night! There's still some more research I want to do, but that will be to add more colour and detail, rather than new story. Now I can start the editing, to make sure that the narrative flows and is really interesting.

My first book Alina, The White Lady of Oystermouth was about 8,000 words, plus illustrations, bibliography and endnotes. This one is 9,800 words at the moment, so I'll have to decide whether to cut some or price the new one a bit higher. Exciting!

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  1. Congratulations Ann! What a lot of work but I'm sure it will be fascinating! I've enjoyed reading your facts about what happened on this day hundreds of years ago.