Thursday, 10 January 2013

William de Breos, 3rd Lord of Bramber

Well, the new year has kicked in and things are starting to get busy again. Yesterday was so full I completely forgot to post my Writing Wednesday! One of the causes of the busyness is the great progress on my research for the new book.

I am researching and writing a chapter on William, 3rd Lord of Bramber, and have stumbled on a whole dissertation on him, kindly posted online. I've put it on my Kindle so I can read it anywhere. I have the main facts already, but it is always helpful to get another perspective and maybe a few extra details to make the story more interesting.

It seems that this William (there were so many Williams!) was the most powerful and influential of all the de Breoses, and fell the hardest and farthest. He brought all his inherited lands, gained more himself, and received even more because of his closeness to King John. But he got cocky, and John slapped him down with particular viciousness.

He died broke and broken, in Paris, and his family also paid a great price. His wife and eldest son were locked in a dungeon in Windsor Castle by King John and starved to death, and his grandsons were also imprisoned and not released until after John's death.

This book is getting more interesting by the day!

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