Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Fame at Last (not mine, de Breos)!

Ever since I started my first book about the de Breos Lords of Gower in medieval times, I have been saying that they were left out of the history books. Well, they finally appear! Not for long, but I found them.

There was a de Breos (or Braose, as it was then) involved in every major event in English history for 300 years after the Norman Conquest. My first book, Alina, The White Lady of Oystermouth, tells the story of the toppling of Edward II from the throne - by a rebellion that started in Swansea Castle in Gower, South Wales. When I first discovered the story I was amazed that it was hardly spoken of. I had to piece together the story of Alina's father and husband, and the remarkable events, from dozens of sources.

Now I am writing a second book, set a hundred years earlier, about the lords of Gower and King John, once again combing the history books for every little mention of the de Breoses. Then all of a sudden, there he was. William de Breos, 4th Lord of Bramber and 1st Lord of Gower. Favourite of King John, raised to great power and prestige, and then turned on and not just demoted - destroyed.

It turns out that his fate had a lot to do with the rebellion of the barons which led to Magna Carta. Unfortunately, in my first book, Alina's father and husband lost their lives, and in this book, William doesn't survive either. But the ramifications are huge.

This is getting really exciting!

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