Sunday, 22 April 2012

Coming Down

Well, after all the excitement, capped by the book launch, I'm finally coming down to earth. I'm actually finding it hard to get my head together.

Since the book launch I have had so many people ask how it went and other people tell them how great it was. There was a piece in the Evening Post with a photo, and I have been contacted by Swansea Life Magazine for them to do a piece. And the Gower News online magazine is devoting a whole page to me next month.

This is so unreal! But I have worked so hard for it, and there is more to come. Oystermouth Castle re-opens with a medieval fair on 16th June, and Alina built the chapel there, so it's a big opportunity. Kidwell-e Festival is a new ebook festival at the end of July, and I am speaking there, which is another new experience. Wow! Maybe I'm not coming down yet!

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