Thursday, 8 March 2012


I have been screwing up my courage and phoning various local shops and asking them to sell my book. So far I have ten, plus a few that want to see the book first, once it is printed. The shops so far are:

Visitors Centre, Oystermouth Castle
Cover to Cover - bookshop near the castle
Mumbles Tourist Information Centre
Swansea Town Centre Tourist Information Centre
Uplands Bookshop
Gower Heritage Centre - which is at the de Breos's hunting lodge
Reynoldston Post Office
Gower Kite Centre and Surf Supplies
Shepherds of Parkmill
Crofty Post Office

In addition, these want to see the book before making a decision:

National Waterfront Museum
Swansea Museum
Lewis News, Mumbles
The National Trust Shop, Rhossili
The Gower Society are having free copies as a gift, but hopefully will want more if they sell.

I have others where I have left messages or emailed, but I have decided not to chase them. I suddenly realised that, since all the shops want the book on sale or return, I have to buy all the books first. It already looks as if I will have to have 200 printed, which doubles my budget. Still, not a bad position to be in, is it?

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