Wednesday, 22 February 2012


I have an illustrator at last! Her name is Carrie Francis. I will get information from her so I can tell you about her - she deserves promoting.

The three art students who were competing to draw my illustrations all produced some great work, and all produced at least one sketch I could use in the book, but in the end, I liked Carrie's style, and she had the best ideas. There was one drawing in particular which was of Alina's ghost at Oystermouth Castle, which I really love and am determined to give prominence in the book. Maybe I'll give you a sneak peek when it's ready.

So now we have to discuss details and Carrie has to get to work. I need the finished drawings in only a month's time, as the printer needs at least a week lead time, and Easter is at the beginning of April.

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  1. How have I only just caught up with this blog?! It's all very exciting.


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