Tuesday, 14 February 2012

First Illustrations

I met yesterday with Derek Bainton, the lecturer, and two of the three students who are competing to draw the illustrations for my book. The third one, unfortunately, is in hospital. I sent her my best wishes and a promise to wait for her preliminary sketches before making a decision.

I was very pleased with the sketches from Lee and Carrie. It is going to be hard to choose one person to do the job, but as there will only be a small number, it would not work to have multiple illustrators. Carrie produced a sketch of the ghost of Alina which would have made a lovely cover, if that was not already in progress. But I would definitely like to include it in the book, if she gets the job. I was also particularly impressed with Lee's drawing of Oystermouth castle.

It's a good job I will have Derek's help to choose, because it is going to be hard. Not just because the sketches so far have been so good, but because I have to disappoint two people by turning them down. But, life is like that, and if they hope to earn a living from their art, they are going to have to get used to it.

As soon as I have seen Lucy's work and we have made the decision, I will let you know. I'm really excited.

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