Tuesday, 10 January 2012


When I met with the men from the Historical Association, one of the things they suggested was that the book would be more attractive to tourists if it had illustrations. I started thinking out loud about photographs and such, and they said that because the book would be a small format, reducing photos made the detail difficult to see. They suggested getting an artist to do line drawings as illustrations.

It seemed a great idea, and they volunteered to speak to their contacts, one of which is Swansea Metropolitan University, which has art students. It would be an opportunity for an art student to add to their portfolio and get a published credit, so they would be willing to do illustrations for free. I knew 'people who knew people' who were into art in some way, so we all agreed to go and ask everyone and see what we could get.

The trouble is that when you ask people to do something for free, you have no means of enforcing deadlines. Also, my book is not as important to them as it is to me. The result is that after asking everyone I knew, I got two people to agree to look at illustrations. Everyone else never got around to asking their friends, or never got back to me, including the men from HA.

The result is the the book is ready to go, but I still have no illustrations. One of my artists finally said she couldn't do it, and I do understand. I am waiting for the other one to reply to my latest email. When I bemoaned my situation to my husband, he pointed out that the book wasn't going to have illustrations in the first place, so why was I worrying?

Maybe I should stop asking for advice.

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