Thursday, 19 January 2012


Late last year I went to a Local History Fair held in Swansea Museum. The Gower Society had a stall, and they were selling note cards with drawings on. The drawings of Gower were done by a husband and wife in the 1950s, and printed in the Gower Journal. When the artists died, their children gave permission for the Gower Society to use the drawings to raise funds.

One of the drawings was of Oystermouth Castle, and I immediately knew it would be great for my cover, so I asked if I could use it. The copyright for the drawing still rests with the children of the artist, so I asked them for permission. The result was even better than I hoped.

They are delighted with the idea of my book and happy for me to use the drawing, but to ensure the quality of the cover, they insist that it is designed by the son, who is a graphic designer. Not only do I have a drawing for the cover, but I have a graphic designer to design it for free!

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