Thursday, 30 June 2011

No Takers

Well, two publishers asked to see my manuscript, and I was hopeful. After three months I got in touch to ask about it, and one said 'Thanks but no thanks' but suggested some other publishers who might be interested. I contacted them and didn't even get a reply. The other one said they were still looking at it. After another two months, the other publisher said they liked it but they had had their funding cut and could no longer afford to publish such books.

I tried contacting the Gower Society, who publish books on local issues, and wrote to the editor of their Journal, since I couldn't find a submissions address. I asked if he could point me to the right person. He didn't even acknowledge me. I tried contacting the councillor who gave me his business card and offered support, and got no reply. So now I am full of doubt about the quality of the book, and don't know what to do next.

And to rub it in, the grand opening of Alina's chapel is in two weeks. It would have been the perfect opportunity to market the book, since it is Alina's chapel and there are no books about Alina.

Next week is the Swansea Writers Circle meeting, so I am going too ask for help there. Perhaps someone can advise me and offer to read it.