Monday, 14 September 2009


My research is progressing in a new direction, and I have begun to write, but cannot post it yet. Let me explain.

Firstly, the research. I feel I have gleaned all I can for now from the internet and the library. All I am finding is more copies of the same information. What I need now is someone to discuss it with and ask some specific questions. To that end, I have plucked up courage and telephoned the contacts I was given. One has agreed to meet me in a week or two, and I have been given the other's email address. I also feel I am ready to contact the Glamorgan Gwent Archaeological Trust, as I have specific questions about the castles. I have taken time to survey my research and list my questions, so I have some clarity.

Secondly, I found the Swansea Writers Circle and attended a meeting. Not only were they just what I was hoping for, but the speaker of the evening talked about writing a historical biography, so it was obviously meant to be! I mentioned my work on Alina and my questioning whether to write a biography or a historical novel, and it was unanimous around the table that, being so far in the past, a novel would be the best approach. We had 'homework' to write a pen portrait in less than 1000 words, which I completed this evening - on Alina, of course. But I can't post it until it's been handed in and 'marked'.

Thirdly, I contacted the Swansea Central Magazine and offered them an article on Swansea Castle, which they accepted. They didn't give a word count or deadline, but I have written it, and after a review, will be sending it off. So I can't post that either, until it's published.

Sorry to disappoint anyone out there who is actually following this, but be glad for my progress. I promise to write some more of the story for you next. There's lots of good stuff.

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